Monitoring of visiting bikers results in two arrests in Clay County

09/09/2013 5:17 PM

09/10/2013 1:59 PM

Clay County authorities arrested two people in a widespread traffic operation Saturday prompted by an annual motorcycle gathering in Kearney, but they turned up no sign of the gang members they thought might be drawn to the event.

Authorities said they had expected the annual Mule Run to draw members of out-of-state motorcycle gangs, said Lt. Will Akin with the Clay County Sheriff’s office.

“The good news is the people who we were expecting didn’t show up,” Akin said. “There were no major incidents.”

Authorities ran license checks on 31 cars, 14 motorcycles and four trucks during the operation, which focused on traffic along Interstate 35 and Missouri 92. They also conducted background checks on 49 persons and issued eight traffic citations and 33 traffic warnings.

They did not say Tuesday why they arrested the two people who were caught during the operation.

Akin said they were not targeting motorcyclists but pulled over any motorists suspected of traffic violations.

Authorities had received information that rival gangs were expected to attend the event to establish operations in the county.

“That is one of the things we don’t want,” Akin said. “This is a relatively peaceful place and we just want to prevent any motorcycle gang activity from coming.”


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