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March 19, 2013

Weston mayor election

Two Weston citizens are vying for the city’s two-year mayoral post.

Two Weston citizens are vying for the city’s two-year mayoral post on the April 2 ballot.

Incumbent Carlen Carter and candidate Becky Roebling agreed that updating the Weston’s aged water and sewer lines is a big issue the city needs to deal with in the near future. Carter said the city needs to focus on a strategic plan for updating the system.

Both said keeping the city of Weston appealing to tourists, either through shopping, park programs or infrastructure work, was another priority.

Carlen Carter




17914 Sunset Drive


Materials operations manager at Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Kansas City vehicle and powertrain assembly plant


Master’s degree in business administration from Ashford University; bachelor’s degree in business management from Park University

Public experience:

Mayor of Weston for the past two years; formerly served two years as a Weston alderman


One of his priorities is a strategic plan for updating the city’s water and sewer infrastructure systems. He said one of the city’s biggest issues is a lack of population growth. He said the city needs to have more businesses that will keep the residents of Weston within city limits when shopping. He also said Weston had to work to focus on streets and infrastructure to keep “curb appeal” up.

Rebecca (Becky) Roebling




374 Rock St.


Stay-at-home parent


Graduated from West Platte High School

Public experience:


Stances: Roebling said there needs to be water and sewage line replacements, which she said was the biggest upcoming challenge for the city. She would explore the possibility of a community center. She also wants to add more activities in conjunction with the park system. One of her priorities would be to increase communication between the city and its citizens. She wants to implement a new system for informing residents about issues like water main breaks or boil orders.

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