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July 27, 2014

Letters to the editor

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Revealing commentary

Like most, I enjoy reading intelligent commentary, especially from writers whose views differ from mine. While people have a right to voice their opinions, it concerns me when I read commentary using mean-spirited and subtly racist and inflammatory code words and phrases when they are referring to President Barack Obama.

One letter writer referred to the president as a clown and a socialist who freely passes out cellphones, welfare checks and food stamps. I get that Obama is unpopular among conservatives and other Republicans, but resorting to name-calling and personal attacks only serves to expose the writer’s lack of good judgment and vocabulary.

It’s fun reading and writing letters to the editor, but some writers need to understand that sometimes their opinions reveal much more about themselves than about the people they are writing about.

Eddie L. Clay


Election of ‘no’

We have too many amendments to our state Constitution. We have too many taxes on the Aug. 5 ballot.

We already have the “right to farm” and to bear arms. The veterans lottery will take away from education.

Sales taxes are regressive. Tax gasoline, and let drivers pay. The proposed TDD, or transportation development district, will affect low-income residents.

Amendments are difficult to remove when times change. I urge you to vote “no” on all the amendments and taxes on the Aug. 5 ballot.

Susan K. Scholl

Kansas City

Misbehaving celebrity

I don’t care what Charlie Sheen did at Taco Bell. I really don’t think it’s newsworthy.

The guy who made the video may think it’s just buckets of fun, and I don’t blame him. It’s not every day a drunken celebrity walks up to your car, and at Taco Bell, no less.

But this is another viral video that will quickly die, unless Charlie Sheen gave the guy a business card for a job opportunity or attacked him because of some crazy hallucination in Charlie Sheen’s mind. Whether he’s overdosing on tiger blood or “winning” another baseless argument, I don’t want to read about it anymore.

Someone from Taco Bell or one of the customers should have taken Charlie Sheen’s phone and called Martin Sheen. “Sorry, Mr. Sheen, your son needs to be picked up. Get Emilio to help him into the car.”

Megan Travelstead


The Royals voice

In the letters section, there are a few frequent absolutes. One includes viewpoints on Kansas City Royals’ commentator Rex Hudler.

Permit me to turn the tables in order to comment on someone I think most people will agree is outstanding — Kauffman Stadium’s public address announcer, Mike McCartney. He has been the sterling voice of the “K” for 15 years, and you also hear him on countless commercials in the area.

He really is a great announcer. So instead of grumbling about Rex at home, why not actually go to the stadium and listen to Mike instead?

Ken Corum

Kansas City

Submitting letters

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The ideal length is 100 words or less.

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