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June 30, 2014

Letters to the editor

Readers in the 816 readership area sound off about today’s issues.

Keep SkillsUSA in KC

For 10 years or so I was a judge for SkillsUSA both in Louisville. Ky., and Kansas City (6-20, A-8, “SkillsUSA is all set for final KC contests”). I met many of the sharpest and brightest young people in America.

I tried to hire many without success. Kansas City cannot afford to lose a convention of this caliber.

It was nice when we had the Future Farmers of America, and I still miss the blue jackets. But SkillsUSA attendees spend more money and stay longer.

What have city officials done to keep SkillsUSA? What are we doing to replace these groups?

We need to either abolish the tourism tax, clean house at the convention bureau and replace it with an agency that devotes as much time, money and energy to retaining as attracting new conventions. The mayor and City Council must hold a town hall meeting to explain to the people why we are incapable of retaining such a fine group..

Charles Melton

Kansas City

Police ticket quotas

The state of Illinois recently passed a law banning ticket quotas for police officers (5-27, A1, “KC police step up ticketing”). Police departments cannot require officers to issue a certain number of citations in a certain period of time, and the number of tickets that officers write cannot be used as part of their performance evaluations.

“Arbitrary quotas on the number of tickets that have to be issued by police officers undermine the public trust in the police departments’ priorities,” a state legislator said. “By eliminating these quotas, we can restore that trust and ensure that police officers are free to do their job protecting the public.”

Curious how these values are not shared by our city officials.

Brad Lucht

Kansas City

U.S. involvement

As I remember the 1960s, we were going to send a few advisers to South Vietnam to help the government. There were just a few Special Forces going to Afghanistan to help move the Russians out.

The United States had a few advisers and a no-fly zone in Iraq. The end result was a massive involvement with lives and money pouring into lost causes.

Now the Iraqi government wants some advisers to help with a civil war. After eight years of training and millions of dollars, they still “need” help?

If the U.S. is going to war, go to win at all costs. Go to be a military occupier.

Go to take full control under military law. Don’t follow the same piecemeal deals that have been done since Korea so we can fail and look weak again.

Go to be a take-all winner as in World War II or stay home.

Richard Blaisdell

Kansas City

KC’s billboard blight

With a proposed ordinance, Kansas City Councilman Ed Ford is really cozying up to the burgeoning billboard industry in this once fair city. Digital billboards for schools and churches?

You have got to be kidding! We have framed laws that make it illegal to text and drive or read your messages or babble on and on into your phone. But it’s OK to read flashing digital billboards as you whiz by our schools and churches? What kind of insanity is prevailing at City Hall?

The expanding billboard blight degrades our appearance to a wondering outsider as he travels our streets and roads.

Driver distractions aside, this ordinance displays a lack of concern about our so-called image, not to mention driver safety.

Larry Kauffman

Kansas City

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