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05/07/2014 7:09 AM

05/07/2014 7:13 AM

KC’s drug problem

Since 1989, Kansas City residents have supported the drug tax known as COMBAT, or Jackson County’s Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax. Kansas City could actually see the benefits — drug arrests, drug houses shut down and a gradual decrease in crime.

We were all very proud to vote yes for the renewal of this tax. Recently we have seen headlines touting the increase of heroin, shake ’n’ bake meth, crack and the resurgence of PCP in the urban core.

Many neighborhoods are once again experiencing the proliferation of drugs. The many gun-related deaths are clear evidence that drugs in Kansas City are on the rise.

COMBAT’s new slogan is “Don't look away,” but many neighborhood leaders are finding that the city is doing just that. We are finding that it is next to impossible to shut down drug houses, and stop street level narcotics.

We as a community must demand that the COMBAT tax be restored to its original intent, to stop drugs and drug-related violence. The “catch and release” mentality simply doesn't work.

We demand that Kansas City Mayor Sly James, city prosecutors and the Kansas City Police Department, stop with the “group hug” approach, and arrest drug dealers.

David Zagalik

Kansas City Running in excess

There have been a number of articles on Dr. James O'Keefe and his striking comments concerning running “in excess” and the heart dangers it present. More than 30,000 runners registered in this year’s Boston Marathon, most of whom trained for at least 10 weeks running more than 40 miles per week.

I have run marathons for 50 years, and Dr. O'Keefe is my cardiologist. His comment are “you are an exception.”

My point, maybe runners should seek a “second opinion.” Find a doctor who fully understands that the heart is a muscle, much like others and needs exercise to strengthen.

David Lewis Biersmith

Kansas City Cliven Bundy solution

I have a solution for Cliven Bundy's dispute with the Interior Department. Mr. Bundy has stated he does not recognize the federal government.

So, in this solution, the federal government gives up all claims against Mr. Bundy. In turn, Mr. Bundy gives up all claims against the federal government. These would include Medicare and Social Security benefits. I am sure Mr. Bundy would not want to participate in these socialist programs anyway.

And we all lived happily ever after.

Elwin McKenzie Jr.

Peculiar Obamacare opponents

The large majority of Americans who deplore the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as they so fondly call it, never voted for President Barack Obama or have any love for our first black president. These citizens are largely well-insured (health wise) Americans with good incomes and have never had health care on their concern radar.

They are mostly Americans who are very concerned about voting fraud, border security, not raising the minimum wage and are opposed to birth control. Oh by the way these are also professed religious people with a large majority following Jesus Christ or some god.

I just wonder what sacred book they've been reading.

John Koehler


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