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04/22/2014 5:47 PM

04/22/2014 5:48 PM

Prejudicial hatred

The anti-Semitic slayings in Overland Park are yet the latest example of domestic terrorism being a function of the extreme right. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

I am saddened, too, that the image of Kansas City is tarnished nationally by such narrow-minded, prejudicial hatred.

Earl Brigham

Sugar Creek KC streetcar blues

I'm old enough to remember the streetcars in Kansas City. I rode one to school every day from 53rd Street and Troost Avenue to 15th Street.

I love the pictures they print showing a streamlined train with three cars. Here is what’s wrong with that picture:

1. If it stops every two blocks it will never get over 20 mph.

2. The passengers have to cross a lane of traffic to get to the platform or to get on the streetcar.

3. The platform is 8 inches high, and to accommodate three streetcars they will have to be about 80 feet long with concrete bumpers about 4 feet high so passengers can get on and off safely. That keeps the cars and trucks from running over the passengers.

4. If the platform is 5 feet wide that cuts off one lane of traffic every two blocks. Main Street is narrow enough now.

5. The traffic jams will knock off the schedule and will make a mess of traffic.

6. They replaced the streetcar on high-traffic routes with electric buses that could get to the curb and maneuver better in traffic.

7. They will have to eliminate vehicular traffic on Main Street for it to work.

Joe Purcell

Kansas City Ban assault knives

In light of the recent multiple stabbings at a Pennsylvania high school, it is time we all push for an immediate ban on “assault knives” or anything that may resemble one.

There is no need to focus any attention on the teenager initiating that attack, the mental condition of the perpetrator or any underlying social and family problems that could possibly have anything to do with it.

An instant knee-jerk reaction is the only logical choice of action in the matter. Perhaps Sen. Dianne Feinstein or another individual who may possess vast knowledge in this area could head up the anti-assault knife posse.

Let’s all rally the liberal base to this cause. Assault knife makers should be ashamed of themselves, as well.

Let’s go after them, too.

Scot Ewing

Blue Springs Obamacare fiction

Wouldn't it be nice if we could stop the propaganda about Obamacare. The Republicans tell us that it will destroy the world as we know it.

I believe this may be a slight exaggeration.

The Democrats tell us that this is the greatest thing to happen since the end of World War II. This also may be a slight exaggeration.

Let’s just sit back and see what happens and deal with more important issues. Time will tell and voters can decide.

Fred Crosby


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