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04/01/2014 9:27 AM

04/01/2014 9:28 AM

Gore crying wolf

About 10 years ago, former Vice President Al Gore stated that “in 10 years, there will be no snow on Kilimanjaro.” Actually, there is snow on Kilimanjaro at this time, and it is apparently slowly increasing.

Recently, Mr. Gore went on to say that “unless we act quickly, there will be another Dust Bowl.”

Unfortunately, Al Gore has a habit of talking about future events as if they are a fact. Maybe he should read the story about the boy who cried wolf.

Many years ago my mother taught me to think for myself and learn from experience when she said: “Fool me once, shame on thee. Fool me twice, shame on me!”

Andy Fisher

Pleasant Hill Time to take action

We remember the cries of the past that called for changes in our governmental leadership — the “do nothing” tag given to our leaders was an embarrassment for our country. Let’s recognize that one of the conflicts in the past was the inability for the Democrats and the Republicans to work together.

Let’s change that by recognizing their differences and insist that a compromise be found. Now let’s not continue with past and “old” leadership, recognizing that they had their opportunity.

We can find new leaders and we must insist that they bring their skills to help our country. In our nation, there are outstanding business leaders, attorneys, Supreme Court justices, school professors, educated citizens and many other capable leaders.

Let’s challenge them with the opportunity to serve our country. Our nation will be strengthened if we prayerfully take action.

Doug Sutherland

Raymore High-priced jeans

Thanks to the high fashionistas who have paid dearly for mutilated blue jeans, the tears and holes honestly acquired from years of wear have made my regular-priced collection very stylish and have added years to their viability.

Steve Sherry

Kansas City Hijacked tea party

It seems Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is waging a battle against the Koch brothers to bring their dark money into the light. With the ruling on Citizens United, political contributions have drastically changed.

Billionaires now have the opportunity to buy elections. Americans for Prosperity is a prime example with funding from the Koch brothers.

In the 2012 election cycles, the Koch brothers spent millions of their own money to fund races all over the country through Americans for Prosperity. The bulk of their money is made from the oil and gas industry, including interests in the Keystone XL Pipeline.

In key congressional and Senate races, Americans for Prosperity has flooded the air waves with ads in support of candidates that favor the Keystone pipeline and of course against regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency. In my opinion, their interests are not to make the U.S. energy independent but are in their own best interests.

When you see ads in favor of the Keystone pipeline notice who the ads are being sponsored by and you will see Americans for Prosperity. Note to the tea party, this is not a grass-roots organization.

Your cause was hijacked.

Karen Lane

Overland Park Teaching manners

I thought this was rather ironic. Your story in the March 26 816 North section about Mrs K. teaching manners to youngsters, “The maven of manners,” included a photo of her lecturing. There is a “gentleman” in the background, most likely a father of one of the students, who has his hat on inside and is holding his cellphone.

Maybe he should enroll in the class.

Malcolm Haney



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