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03/25/2014 6:49 PM

03/25/2014 6:49 PM

Russian provocation

Russia scuttles an old destroyer blocking a harbor in the Ukraine, which prevents the Ukrainian navy from entering the Black Sea. How is that not an “act of war”?

Steve Sherry

Kansas City Global showdown

President Barack Obama wants to cut our defenses, which makes me have a parallel thought to that decision. If I removed the locks off my doors and windows, removed the telephones and sold my guns, would I be as safe?

Pacifists live in a dream world of hopes and desires. As a kid I was a pacifist until I got a fat lip from the neighborhood bully.

I think back on the sailors still inside the battleship Arizona at the bottom of Pearl Harbor and shudder to think of Obama’s hopes and desires. OK, speak softly, President Obama, but carry a big stick.

Don Airington

Kansas City Higher expectations

Throughout my 47 years as a public school educator and a parent, I’ve observed that people, in general, rise to meet expectations, and children, in particular, do so, as well. When I hear or read Airick Leonard West, president Kansas City school board, referring to the youngsters in Kansas City Public Schools as scholars, I’d say he’s raising the expectations of them.

Many have risen to those higher expectations. I believe many more will, too.

Keep up your positive efforts, Mr. West.

Margie Richcreek

Lake Waukomis Stem cell research

There have been years of controversy over stem cell research, but I for one have no problem with it. If someone were to have an abortion and scientists use the aborted fetus’ stem cells to possibly save another human being’s life, then why is that so wrong?

It is like recycling, we reuse stem cells to research the possibility of saving people’s lives. I understand that the pro-life supporters are against embryonic stem cell use because they are against abortion.

But the fetus has already been aborted. No more harm can come to the fetus after it has been aborted. If the pro-life supporters are against stem cell research, then they also should oppose organ donation after someone becomes deceased in a car crash or through other means.

It is the same concept to save people’s lives. There is nothing wrong with stem cell research because of the fact that we do not find anything wrong with donating organs to others.

Chris Busch

Kansas City Tea party quiz

Tea party candidates should respond to the following questions as they campaign for public office:

• What are three major federal programs that you would vote to defund and, eventually, eliminate?

• What are three major federal programs that you would vote to reduce in size, by at least 50 percent?

• Would you support Republican Congressman Dave Camp’s proposal to simplify the federal income tax system? Eliminate the entire nonprofit/tax exempt category? Eliminate all tax deductions? Treat all taxpayers alike?

• How will the lives of Americans change for the better if the tea party takes control of Congress and the party’s proposals are enacted?

Kenneth Lee



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