Even during the halftime show, the field is full of hard-working athletes

10/29/2013 12:00 AM

10/28/2013 3:33 PM

816 North columnist Susan Vollenweider learned something interesting when she watched her daughter’s marching band perform recently: band members are athletes just as surely as football players are.

They might not get the attention the guys in the helmets do, but they certainly deserve it with their choreographed physical exertion (all, as Susan notes, with feathers in their caps).

Read what Susan learned, then turn to this week’s cover story, where Melissa Schupmann will show you how high school marching bands push themselves to stand out in competitions.

In 816 Biz, Joyce Smith looks at White Horse Pub, a new Northland tavern that serves up decor and food modeled after what you might find in a London establishment.

Many of you will go to the polls on Tuesday. Before you do, spend some time with Glenn Rice’s story this week that lays out the decisions you’ll be asked to make in a story that covers important issues in Clay County, Mosby, Weston and the Liberty school district.

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