Letters: Lawmakers take a break, museum offers insightful programs

08/25/2014 1:25 PM

08/25/2014 1:25 PM

News from D.C. Woebegone

Congress, after an arduous session that left members cranky and out of sorts, adjourned for the summer, declaring a monthlong recess. They gathered in front of the White House to announce their intentions by chanting: “No more pencils. No more books. No more President Barack Obama’s dirty looks!”

They then turned, mooned the president and scampered to their waiting limousines for quick trips to the airport. Some returned to their districts, campaigning for re-election with handshaking tours to answer the question: “Who the heck are you?”

So that’s the news from our nation’s capital, where all our representatives are above average but not by too much.

Kenneth Lee


Kansas City gems

A patriotic salute to our National World War I Museum. This summer and fall it offers thought-provoking and insightful lectures.

Special mention to the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education and the National Archives of Kansas City. How fortunate we are to have these superb institutions here in our community.

Susan Goldenberg

Kansas City

Fear of unknown

People tend to fear the unknown. Rattlesnakes scare many people, but a few individuals know how to milk their venom to make lifesaving antidotes.

The mistrust of police is a fear of the unknown. People need to take the time to understand what police work is all about.

Police departments try with various programs to help us understand what is required for officers to help the whole of society. But many people are always too busy to check it out.

Much of the trouble in Ferguson, Mo., is fear of the unknown. When we all become active and responsible members of society, the world is a much better place.

Richard Blaisdell

Kansas City

Meet me in the middle

The failure of Congress to create a reasonable policy on immigration is baffling. Republicans want to effectively close the border, and Democrats want money to treat young immigrants in a humane way.

Why can't Congress pass a law that does both? Apparently there is no room in current American politics to compromise and meet in the middle.

Andy Fisher

Pleasant Hill

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