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July Fourth brings special meaning to four who cherish freedom

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness mean more than just words. Just ask the couple from Ukraine who will experience their first July Fourth here, in Shawnee. Or a World War II vet from Liberty who looks back but also ahead. Or a Mexican immigrant in Platte City who cherishes the safety he finds in his new land.


Kids rock out to their own tunes in Kansas City’s kindie music scene

Despite the decision not to hold a Jiggle Jam festival this year, Kansas City’s renowned kindie music scene — performers who write and sing specifically for children — is thriving. The Doo-Dads, Funky Mama, Mr. Stinky Feet, Rockin Rob, Reggie Gray are some of the performers whose music is made for children but enjoyable for the parents, too.

816 North

Bringing the American Revolution closer to home

How will you spend Independence Day? Will you be giving much thought to the reason for celebrating the holiday? Hopefully you will take time to reflect on the boldness of our forefathers and the life sacrifices which they made so we can be here today celebrating. For many, it may be just considered a vacation day from work. Perhaps the occasion is too distant in time and place? Sometimes, history is more fun and interesting when it is closer to home. Allow me to help you make a closer connection to your Fourth of July.

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