May 10, 2014

Jackson County to seal time capsule at Truman Courthouse on Saturday

The time capsule — actually a 675-pound safe found during the courthouse renovation last year — will contain items that document or reference 2013.

A time capsule to be sealed Saturday in Independence is no mere capsule.

It’s a 675-pound safe, recovered during last year’s renovation of the Jackson County Historic Truman Courthouse. It has room for many items that document or reference 2013.

Including a Twinkie.

The future of the iconic snack had been in doubt last year before investors rescued it. Currently, Twinkies are advertised as having a 45-day shelf life.

“We will include an explanation for all the items, including the Twinkie,” said Lisa Carter, county spokeswoman.

Students affiliated with MyARTS, a program financed by the county’s anti-drug fund, painted artwork on the safe that features a large clock.

Roman numerals on its face note the almost 80 years that will pass before the capsule will be reopened on Sept. 7, 2093. County officials dedicated the renovated courthouse on Sept. 7, 2013, which was 80 years after then-Jackson County Presiding Judge Harry Truman dedicated an earlier upgrade.

The safe will not be sealed away but entrusted to the Jackson County Historical Society, whose offices are in the renovated building.

Ceremonies start at 10 a.m. at the courthouse, 112 W. Lexington Ave.

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