April 2, 2014

DNA testing links suspect to 2009 Kansas City rape

Jackson County prosecutors on Wednesday charged 52-year-old Keith E. Walker with assaulting a 15-year-old girl.

DNA testing has linked a suspect to the 2009 sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl in Kansas City, Jackson County prosecutors announced Wednesday.

They charged Keith E. Walker, 52, with forcible rape, second-degree child molestation and five counts of forcible sodomy.

The girl was waiting for a bus near 35th Street and Prospect Avenue on Dec. 3, 2009, when a man in a pickup truck pulled up near her, got out and forced her into the vehicle, according to court documents filed Wednesday in Jackson County Circuit Court.

The girl tried to fight back but the man choked her and punched her in the face. He showed her a handgun and told her that if she didn’t do what he said, she would never see her mother again, she later told police.

The girl said she continued to struggle until she was choked into unconsciousness. When she awoke, the man was sexually assaulting her. The girl bit the assailant on the neck, which made him angry. He asked her where he could drop her off and she told him to drive to the area of 59th Street and Swope Parkway. When he told her he wanted “more,” the girl kicked him and ran from the truck, according to the documents.

Evidence collected at the time and preserved at the Kansas City police crime laboratory was compared with a DNA sample later obtained from Walker. Testing confirmed a match, according to court documents.

When questioned by detectives this week, Walker said he did not recognize the girl’s picture, and said he had never sexually assaulted anyone.

Prosecutors are asking to have Walker held on a bond of $500,000.

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