March 31, 2014

Raytown school bonds would not require a tax increase

Bond issue of $22 million would finance safer entryways at elementary schools, upgrades at Raytown South stadium and general repairs throughout the district.

Raytown schools would get a variety of repairs, along with improvements to make elementary schools more secure, under a plan that will be submitted to voters on April 8.

Voters will be asked to approve a $22 million bond issue that would be used for upgrades and repairs throughout the district, said district spokeswoman Cathy Allie.

The new bonds would not require a tax increase because they would begin as others are set to expire, Allie said. The question needs a four-sevenths majority, or 57.1 percent of the vote, to be approved.

About 3 percent of the proceeds will be used to make entryways at the district’s elementary schools more secure. The average school is more than 50 years old, Allie said, and most will need changes to handle new security concerns.

The district wants to change the entryways so that anyone entering a building must first go through the office.

Bonds also would buy a more usable football field at Raytown South High School. Bleachers, restrooms and a concession would be added so that varsity games can be played there.

The field is used now mostly for practices and junior varsity games, while varsity games are played at Raytown High School.

Other funds would be used for infrastructure repairs, including roofing, painting and plumbing work as well as repairs to the restrooms, Allie said.

The proposal has been endorsed by the Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce.

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