'Bachelor' winner Nikki Ferrell’s ex-boyfriend tells mag he wants her back

03/26/2014 11:06 AM

03/26/2014 11:18 AM

Once upon a time a Children’s Mercy nurse went on a dating show and won the hot Latin guy. Now someone says he wants Nikki Ferrell back.

The new issue of

Life Style

magazine features an interview with “The Bachelor” winner’s ex-boyfriend, Ryan McDill, who “reveals” that he made a mistake in letting her go.

“Basically, she is the one who got away,” he says.

(Note to Ryan: This definitely isn’t the way to win her back.)

He tells the mag that he could see the two of them working out long-term and having a family together. They broke up last July and three months later she signed up for the show, he says.

“After we broke up, there were times where I would say, ‘I don’t know if that was the right decision,’” says Ryan, who owns/manages a KC auto parts store. (He owes Life Style thanks for publishing the name.)

“But really I didn’t have a whole lot of time (before she went on the show). I didn’t watch every single episode just because it was too hard.”

But he somehow managed to pull himself together and share his innermost feelings with a celebrity magazine.

Anyone else out there who wants to talk about Nikki? Her modeling coach? Her hair stylist? Her first-grade teacher?

If we believe the headline on the mag – and we don’t – we’d love to hear from her obstetrician.


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