Pat Robertson suggests woman's atheism was caused by rape or abuse

03/25/2014 11:31 AM

03/25/2014 11:43 AM

Well, this is certainly a theory we hadn’t considered. Pat Robertson speculated on his show Monday that an atheist woman didn’t believe in God because she had been abused by her father or raped.

Because that’s the only reason someone wouldn’t believe in God, right?

A viewer named Sandra wrote to the televangelist to complain that a co-worker gets “openly hostile at the mere mention of God” when she tries to talk about Jesus with her.

“Should I abandon the idea of being a positive influence on her and just let her perish?” Sandra asked.

Uh, yeah. Maybe the woman is “openly hostile” because Sandra is trying to save her soul at work. And Robertson suggested leaving her alone.

But not before he said that the co-worker was being controlled by something “demonic” or something “deeply ingrained.”

“But to be that openly hostile to the word ‘God,’ it’s something beyond normal human experience,” he said. “Something has happened.

“Maybe she had an abusing father, somebody who raped her that acted like he was preaching to her from the Bible. You just never know what’s going on in somebody’s childhood.”

He advised Sandra to be “understanding and be loving and don’t try to push anything on her.”

And pray for her, he said.