Kansas City woman stabbed in neck stabs back

03/07/2014 6:08 PM

03/07/2014 6:08 PM

A neighbor came over to borrow some eggs.

Or at least that’s how the victim described an incident Thursday night in the 500 block of Tracy Avenue in Kansas City that ended with her being stabbed in the neck.

But the neighbor saw things differently.

The neighbor told police she went over to buy some crack. And the victim refused because the neighbor still owed $40 from a previous crack deal.

Either way, according to police reports, both agreed that the neighbor asked to use the victim’s cellphone about 6:40 p.m. When the victim was distracted by the phone, the neighbor allegedly plunged a steak knife into her neck.

The neighbor allegedly grabbed the victim’s purse — where she thought the victim kept her crack — and ran away. The victim grabbed the knife and stabbed the neighbor in the arm as she fled.

Officers arrested the 34-year-old woman in her apartment across the hall from the victim. Police found the victim’s purse on a table inside the apartment.

“Yeah, that’s hers,” the neighbor reportedly said, adding, “Please don’t let her kill me.”

Police booked the woman into jail. The victim suffered a large cut at the base of her neck.


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