March 5, 2014

Artist reaches his crowdfunding goal to get ‘normal-sized’ Barbies on shelves

Barbie has caught a lot of flak recently. It seems people are sick of the iconic children’s toy’s slim, unrealistic figure, and one artist aims to do something about it. Nickolay Lamm is an artist and researcher who, after debuting a 3-D version of a “normal” sized Barbie, has started a CrowdtiltOpen campaign to put his doll on shelves.

After his campaign to get a "normal-sized" Barbie on shelves went viral, artist and designer Nickolay Lamm has reached his goal for his crowdfunding campaign.

On Wednesday, Lamm had not even raised half of the $95,000 he needed to sell his doll, Lammily, to the masses. Now his campaign has raised more than enough at more than $100,000.

Lammily is based on the average measurements of a 19-year-old girl. Her makeup is more natural than the original Barbie, and her clothes are more casual.

“Most fashion dolls on the market are dressed like princesses or wear funky outfits,” Lamm told The Huffington Post. “I wanted Lammily to wear clothes that Gap or J. Crew might design. There’s no reason why simple everyday clothes design can’t be transferred to doll clothes.”

“I wanted to show that average is beautiful,” he said in a video for his CrowdtiltOpen campaign.

Lamm says his doll is not a replacement for Barbie, but rather an alternative that will appeal to parents as well as their daughters.

Check out the campaign for Lammily


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