Missouri girl with cancer dreams of riding a unicorn over a rainbow, and her community makes it happen

03/03/2014 12:24 PM

03/03/2014 12:24 PM

A Missouri community has come together to help a 7-year-old girl battling cancer fulfill her unique dream.

Summer Warren, a first-grader at North County Primary School in Bonne Terre, has been undergoing treatment for an inoperable tumor wrapped around her brain stem, the Daily Journal reported.

When the Make-A-Wish Foundation interviewed Summer recently, she said her dream was to ride a unicorn over the rainbow with her mother.

"Make-A-Wish didn't quite know what to do with that, but when we got wind of it, we decided we would do whatever we could to make it come true for her," North County principal Emily Bach told the Park Hills newspaper.

Art teachers and community volunteers turned the school gym into a giant castle with a rainbow-colored floor. A horse was brought in and decked out as a unicorn.

Last Wednesday, students from the school lined up, each carrying a wand, to help Summer's fairy tale wish come true. Bach told the students a story that began, "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Summer, for she was as bright as the sun, as warm as the summer's breeze and as fun as a summer's day."

Students were asked to wave their wands to make the unicorn appear. Summer climbed onto its back with help and rode along the rainbow road with her sister by her side.

When the ride was over, Summer sat in a throne. Each student from her class lined up and gave her flowers.

Summer's mother, Sam Cummings, said she was left speechless by the generosity.

"That was amazing and she loved it," Cummings said. "She has never ridden a horse and has always wanted to. It was amazing that they were able to do that. I wouldn't even be able to know how to say thank you to everyone that has helped us."

Summer's sister, Allison Cooke, agreed.

"The way that the community has pulled together to make her wishes come true, is just amazing," she said.

A Facebook page set up by Summer's family and friends said she was diagnosed with the rare cancer in October. She and her family travel to St. Louis five days a week as doctors explore treatment options.


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