Three charged in Overland Park bank robbery

02/28/2014 6:39 PM

02/28/2014 6:39 PM

Allen J. Williams told his mom he was borrowing her car to go to a job interview in Overland Park on Thursday morning.

He actually used it to rob a bank with two others, federal prosecutors alleged Friday.

Williams, 23, his twin brother, Alvin J. Williams, and Randy Cornelius, 21, were charged in the robbery of Inter-State Federal Savings in the 8600 block of Metcalf Avenue.

The men purportedly got away with $6,145.

Though Allen Williams’ story to his mother about the job interview apparently was convincing, his acting job while casing the bank an hour before the robbery wasn’t quite as good, according to court records.

A bank employee became suspicious when a young man coming in to change a $20 bill spent time looking around the lobby, court records said. The employee jotted down the license number on the car as the young man left.

After the robbery, the employee gave the plate number to investigators, who quickly interviewed the mother. The Williams brothers and Cornelius soon were under arrest. Investigators recovered at least $3,400 and got two confessions.


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