Father allegedly admits being a ‘bully’ toward baby with broken bones

02/28/2014 2:11 PM

02/28/2014 8:27 PM

A 20-year-old Kansas City man was charged Friday with three counts of child abuse or neglect for allegedly injuring his 12-week-old son, who suffered several broken bones, including two broken arms, two broken legs and several broken ribs.

According to a court document, Christopher J. Paul acknowledged that he was responsible for the injuries and told police he was a “bad parent” and a “bully” to his son.

The injuries were discovered Thursday evening after the baby’s parents took him to Children’s Mercy Hospital. Doctors noticed bruising on the baby’s forearm. Further tests revealed broken bones in various stages of healing, including a broken foot. He also had a scratch on his neck and a mark on his back.

The boy had multiple fractures to the ribs on both sides that a doctor said were likely caused by squeezing. Injuries to the arms and legs could have been caused by yanking or twisting, the doctor said.

The boy’s mother told police she noticed a bruise on her son’s arm while giving him a bath Thursday. She said Paul was easily frustrated, and she was concerned he might have accidentally hurt the child.

Paul initially denied to police that he had abused his son and said he was shocked to learn of the injuries. Paul told police he did not think his son liked him.

Under questioning Friday, according to a court document, Paul apologized for lying and admitted he was mean to his son when they were alone or everyone else was asleep. He told police he pulled the boy’s arm too hard and too fast. Paul said one incident occurred about two weeks ago when he was trying to get the baby to calm down.

Paul told police he would apologize to his son if he could and asked to attend parenting classes.


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