February 20, 2014

Jackson County Sheriff warns of scam relating to jury duty

The caller, who identifies himself as a member of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, tells potential victims that they failed to show for jury duty and a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The victim is told to post bond.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning Thursday morning of a scam relating to jury duty.

A man has been calling people to say they failed to appear for jury and that warrant has been issued for their arrest, according to a release.

To resolve the matter, the potential victims are told to go to a local convenience store and purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak in the amount of their bond and notify the caller. After being given the security numbers on the cards, the caller then gains access to the funds on the cards.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said it doesn’t solicit funds over the phone. Moreover, fees are collected in person.

Anyone receiving such a call is urged not to follow the caller’s directions and instead to call the sheriff’s Investigations Division at 816-524-4302.

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