January 31, 2014

Stomach bug sweeps through second grade in De Soto district school

Some 25 children at Riverview Elementary School stay home because of a norovirus, but classes go on and the school gets a thorough cleaning.

About 25 second-graders at Riverview Elementary School in the De Soto School District stayed home Friday while the school managed Day Two in an outbreak of the stomach bug.

The school determined the culprit was a norovirus — a common, highly contagious “bug” that can inflame the stomach and intestines, causing pain, nausea and throwing up.

The absences affected about one out of every four of the 98 second-graders in the school.

To help prevent further spreading of the virus, the school had the second-graders eat in their classrooms, and the school postponed after-school programs Thursday so that its maintenance team could conduct a thoroughly disinfecting cleaning, said district spokesman Alvie Cater. The school remained in session both days.

The school will undergo another round of thorough cleaning this weekend, just to make sure. Meanwhile, teachers and staff are reemphasizing the importance of proper and frequent hand-washing with students and parents, Cater said.

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