Grain Valley student creates stir by taking toy guns to school

01/29/2014 6:09 PM

01/29/2014 6:09 PM

A student who brought toy guns to Grain Valley High School Wednesday morning prompted at least one worried parent to call and ask whether the school was in lockdown, a Grain Valley School District spokesman said.

But the student did not use the replica guns in a threatening manner, said Brad Welle.

“Some of these toys are made to look like the real thing,” Welle said, adding, “Some of our kids were concerned.”

The student intended to use the guns, identified as Airsoft replicas, as props in a class video, according to a school district statement released through Twitter Wednesday afternoon. Staff members intervened before classes began Wednesday.

Apparently at least one student had alerted his parents that he thought he had seen a gun in school.

No staff members were aware the student intended to bring the toys to school, the district said.

“The student is apologetic and insists that he did not intend to create a problem,” the statement read.

The student brought three or four of the guns to school Wednesday, said Grain Valley Polic Chief Aaron Ambrose. The department assisted the school district with its investigation, which is continuing.

“The appropriate disciplinary actions were be finalized soon,” according to the statement.

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