#Lawrencing: Jennifer Lawrence’s Golden Globes dress inspires social media spoofs

01/13/2014 12:02 PM

01/13/2014 3:50 PM

We thought it looked like a white trash bag decorated with black twist ties. So we’re not surprised that Jennifer Lawrence’s puffy Dior gown at Sunday’s Golden Globes inspired dozens of spoofs and copycats on social media – a game now known as #Lawrencing.

Grown women and men, even cats and dogs, showed up in photos wrapped in everything from towels to sheets that approximated the look of the dress.

“Arrow” actor Colton Haynes was one of the first to mock, posting a photo of himself swathed in a white comforter wrapped with two black belts.

One Twitter user even wrapped her dog in a sheet with black ribbon with this caption: “LV loves J-Law so much, she had @elspethjare make her dress.”

Two fans of the “The Hunger Games” star wrapped themselves in white sheets and sent their pic to all their friends. “Omgg my friends sent me photos of them as Jennifer Lawrence too!” the tweeter who calls herself Lana Del Ray wrote.

Some Twitter users even pointed out how much the gown looked like a get-up worn by Disney princess Ariel.

Can’t wait to see what Lawrence wears to the Oscars.


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