Charges filed in 2012 killing in Kansas City

01/10/2014 8:37 PM

01/10/2014 8:37 PM

A 24-year-old man has been charged in the 2012 robbery and killing of a man in south Kansas City.

Jackson County prosecutors Thursday charged Robert L. Whitmore with second-degree murder in the October 2012 death of Mark Shears.

Whitmore also was charged with first-degree robbery and two counts of armed criminal action.

Shears, 26, was shot to death while sitting in his vehicle in the 10700 block of Greenwood Road.

According to court documents, Whitmore was linked to the crime scene through DNA testing of a cigarette butt and through cellphone records. When questioned later, he told detectives that he and an associate, not identified in court documents, met Shears to conduct a drug deal.

Whitmore said the associate told him to take property from Shears and then the associate shot Shears multiple times, according to the court documents.


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