January 6, 2014

11-year-old guitar hero that rocked KC crowd now a YouTube sensation

Young Nebraska guitar hero Aidan Fisher blew away a crowd at the Midland Theatre last month with an impromptu performance – and now he’s become a YouTube sensation.

Young guitar hero Aidan Fisher from Papillion, Nebraska blew away a crowd at the Midland Theatre last month with an impromptu performance. And now those few minutes on stage have turned the 11-year-old rocker-in-training into a YouTube sensation.

More than 1.2 million people have watched the cell-phone video that Aidan’s dad shot when his son challenged metal band Steel Panther’s lead guitarist to a duel during 98.9’s “Twisted Christmas” concert at the Midland on Dec. 19.

About 3,000 people were in the audience that night – many dressed in ‘80s attire to watch Steel Panther, an L.A. band that parodies glam-metal groups like Mtley Cre.

In the crowd, too, were Aidan and his father, who held up a sign that read: “I challenge Satchel to a guitar solo.”

Kansas City Star reviewer Bill Brownlee wrote that Aidan’s “reading of Eddie Van Halen’s solo ‘Eruption’ was so impressive that the band kept him on stage for Van Halen’s version of ‘You Really Got Me.’”

Aidan nearly blew the roof off the house when he started playing, as you can see, and hear, in his dad’s video below. The crowd roared its love.

“The response from the crowd, you could barely hear him playing the guitar because of the response in the arena,” Aidan’s dad, Chris Fisher, told Omaha TV station KETV. “It was incredible.”

KETV’s story about Aidan revealed that he is a fan of Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix and would like to play with Van Halen someday.

“It just sounds awesome,” Aidan said of the guitar. “And I like to play it.”

He described his moments on stage at the Midland as “the best time of my life.”

But we have a feeling there will be more.

Rock on, little man.

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