Frozen Northland fountain leaves KC red-faced

01/04/2014 1:25 PM

05/16/2014 3:48 PM

Kansas City’s Northland fountain is an annual fixture of sprayed ice at the intersection of North Oak Trafficway and N.E. Vivion Road.

As the city nurtured hope that the Chiefs might coax their first playoff win since early in the Clinton administration, the Parks and Recreation Department strove for a little team spirit with a good dose of red dye.

“This is the first time we have attempted to dye a frozen fountain. #ChiefsKingdom,” the department wrote on its facebook page with a

photo gallery

of the red-tinged fountain.

We made need some trial and error to get it quite right. The stop-action geyser didn’t come out obviously Chiefs red. Instead, the spirited support of the local gridiron gang makes for a frothy ice-and-snow sculpture that ranges from crimson to pink to white.

The Internet was unimpressed.

Deadspin, the sometimes investigative and more commonly snark sports site,


: “It looks like something horrible happened here.”

“It didn’t turn out well,”

echoed the Bleacher Report. USA Today declared

the winter waterworks to look “like something from a horror movie.”

Bone-chilling temperatures moving into the region figured to fix the colorful display in place for a while, sure to prompt reviews from other would-be art critics.

Soon enough, this ice of a different hue will melt away. Memories of the Chiefs’ performance against Indianapolis’ Colts figure to linger much longer.


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