Rebecca Black goes viral again, following up 'Friday' with (wait for it) 'Saturday'

12/09/2013 12:30 PM

12/09/2013 12:52 PM

Ack! She’s back! Viral sensation Rebecca Black!

And she’s no hack, ‘cause the teen’s new song, “Saturday,” has just gone viral in two days.

This is the follow-up to her first video, “Friday,” from two years ago, which people hated so much they helped it rack up more than 60 million views on YouTube.

History is repeating itself. Since hitting YouTube on – groan – Saturday, “Saturday” has scooped up more than 9 million views and nearly 88,000 comments, including:

“Wait, is this serious?”

“People who hate on this are just looking for anything to hate. Accept that this wasn't complete garbage like Friday was and move on.”

“You like Miley Cyrus but dislike this? Faith in humanity is lost - again!”

The video shows us what happened after “Friday” night’s party full of underage drinkers.

Short version: They party more.

Watch, if you must.