Meet the winners of our Ultimate Chiefs Fan contest

11/18/2013 5:47 PM

11/18/2013 5:47 PM

When we went looking for the Ultimate Chiefs Fan, we had a pretty good idea how deep that pride ran. But what we didn’t know?

That some people actually switch banks just to get a debit card with the Chiefs logo.

That would be Bryan Jarett, the winner of our Ultimate Chiefs Fan contest. He was unanimously chosen out of 31 entries by Jeff Rosen, assistant managing editor for sports; online community photos editor Mary Schulte and members of our FYI staff.

Rarely have we seen a collection of Chiefs paraphernalia as breathtaking as the one Jarett keeps stuffed in his Overland Park bedroom. (We didn’t even know they made Chiefs bowling balls.)

“Whether they win or lose, I’m always a true fan. I love the blast of their red and gold uniforms so I always wear Chiefs clothes,” Jarett wrote when he sent us the photo.

Yes, he loves his Chiefs stuff. (Check him out rockin’ those giant fuzzy slippers.) But he’s prouder yet of all the players he has met and shaken hands with over the years. Will Shields. Trent Green and his wife. Team owner Clark Hunt. He has even bowled with Boomer Grigsby.

One time he was at Sam’s Club when he spied Eddie Kennison shopping for milk, and he just couldn’t help himself.

“He just walked up to him and said, ‘You’re Eddie Kennison,’” said our winner’s mom, Kim Jarett, who was with him that day. “I didn’t know who he was but Bryan did. He’s not real big on the autographs. He just wants to know them.”

Everyone in the Jarett family, it turns out, is a Chiefs fan. (Hardly unusual in this neck of the woods.)

“We love the Chiefs, no matter what,” Kim Jarett said. “To me, that’s a true Chiefs fan, to weather the bad times as well as the good times, no matter what.”

This season, Jarett’s favorite player is quarterback Alex Smith. So we weren’t really surprised what the answer was when we asked him what he planned to do with his $100 first prize.

“I could get an Alex Smith jersey,” he said.

And why not? He already has more than 20 other Chiefs jerseys hangin’ in his closet.


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