James Taylor tweaks National Anthem at World Series

10/25/2013 1:17 AM

10/25/2013 9:35 AM

Maybe it’s time to rethink this whole tradition of starting every sporting event with the National Anthem, because if even James Taylor can’t get the words right, what hope is there for the rest of us?

He stepped to the microphone with his guitar to sing before Game 2 of the World Series in Boston Thursday night.

But instead of “O say can you see,” he started with this: “O beautiful.”

“And the game will start with an 0-1 count after that James Taylor swing and miss,” tweeted one viewer.

Taylor recovered quickly, though, seamlessly rolling past the gaffe and starting again.

Later, during the seventh inning stretch, he came back out and sang “America the Beautiful” to honor Boston Marathon bombing survivors and rescuers, so he gets a pass from us.

At least he didn’t grab his crotch (Roseanne), have the anthem lyrics written on his hand (Luke Bryan, Michael Bolton), swap one line for another (Christina Aguilera) or end with “... and the home of the Chiefs!”



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