Twitter bra sends messages about breast cancer awareness when it's unhooked

10/24/2013 1:44 PM

10/24/2013 2:03 PM

Greek actress Maria Bakodimou is wearing a special, high-tech bra for the next two weeks that sends tweets every time she unhooks it. And what does a tweeting bra have to say? Why, take care of your breasts, of course.

The tweeting bra is the centerpiece of a breast cancer awareness campaign by Nestle Fitness, reports



The bra’s strap has a mechanism under the hook that sends a signal to a cell phone, that notifies a server, that generates a tweet about breast health.

The bra also has its own


– and Twitter account – that gives tips on breast care and self-breast examinations.

As a well-known TV celebrity, we assume Bakodimou goes through several clothing changes in a day, so that bra’s bound to do a lot of tweeting.

We know some dads of teen girls who probably wouldn’t mind their daughters wearing bras that could talk.