Older son is accused of helping mother unlawfully take Harrisonville children

10/18/2013 5:37 PM

10/18/2013 9:27 PM

Cass County authorities have accused a 19-year-old man of helping his mother take three Harrisonville children from their home to Canada.

Jacob I. Miers was charged Friday with three counts of accessory interference with custody.

On Wednesday, authorities charged Miers’ mother, 44-year-old Sherri L. O’Neal, with interference with custody for allegedly taking the children without their father’s permission and traveling to Calgary, Alberta, in Canada.

Tabitha Davis, 11, Jasper Davis, 14, and Jordan Davis, 15, were reported missing Oct. 11 by their father and were believed to be with their noncustodial mother.

O’Neal had not been in contact with the children in the three years before their disappearance, the Cass County sheriff’s office said.

According to court records, O’Neal and Miers, along with the children, had traveled to Canada. While they were there, O’Neal and one of the missing boys visited a shelter seeking financial assistance.

O’Neal allegedly told the social worker that she had sneaked across the Canadian border to escape an abusive relationship. The worker thought the story was suspicious and called police. Calgary authorities alerted Cass County about the incident.

Authorities later took O’Neal and Miers into custody, court records said.


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