October 9, 2013

Woman is taken to hospital after being kidnapped

She was beaten and threatened before she was able to jump from the kidnapper’s vehicle and flee to safety, she told police.

A Kansas City woman kidnapped from her home early Wednesday was beaten and threatened before she was able to jump from the kidnapper’s vehicle and flee to safety.

Kansas City police said the woman was sleeping about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday at her home in the 8100 block of Flora Avenue when someone began knocking on her window. She recognized a former boyfriend and opened the door to see what he wanted.

She told police that he grabbed her by the shirt and threw her off the porch. He dragged her to his car and drove away with her inside, police said.

The victim told officers that the man threatened to kill her and punched her in the face while he drove. After about 15 minutes, she opened the door of the moving car and jumped out in the area of 74th Street and Prospect Avenue, police said.

But the man chased her and dragged her back to his car. He continued to strike her and threaten her but then drove back to the area where she had jumped out, apparently to look for something he had dropped, according to police.

He stopped the car in a parking lot and allegedly told her that if she tried to escape he would kill her and her children. While he was outside the car, she again jumped out and began running. She was barefoot, and her shirt had been ripped off during the struggle.

After running for several minutes and seeing that he did not appear to be following, she stopped and called family members. They took her to the hospital.

Police said the woman had bruises and swelling on her face and head and had “road rash” injuries from jumping out of the car, but she did not suffer broken bones or other serious injuries.

Police were searching for the kidnapper Wednesday.

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