NFL throws in the towel, dumps pink penalty flags

10/08/2013 12:04 AM

10/08/2013 12:06 AM

It was a lovely gesture, a vivid symbol of support for breast cancer awareness. But let’s be honest. All those pink flags flying through the air during NFL games on Sunday were downright confusing.

Was that a penalty flag? Or was it a player’s pink towel fallen on the ground? Who could tell?

Fans and broadcasters – who whined and whined and


on air – weren’t the only ones confused; players and coaches apparently were, too.

So the NFL has decided to dump the pink penalty flags after Monday night’s Jets-Falcons game.

NFL spokesman Michael Signora told media outlets on Monday that the mixed results from the weekend resulted in the one-week-only use of the flags.

But everything else being used as part of the league’s “A Crucial Catch” breast cancer awareness campaign will be used until Oct. 21: the pink cleats, gloves, helmet decals, shoelaces, goal-post padding and cheerleader pom-poms among them.

Pondered one fan at NBC Sports: “This is categorically sexist. Hey NFL, what about Prostate Cancer Awareness month???”

The traditional yellow penalty flags will return for Thursday night’s Giants-Bears game.


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