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Kansas City

Statewide post for Marcason:

Fourth District City Council member Jan Marcason was elected president of the Missouri Municipal League at the organization's annual conference in Branson earlier this month. The league was organized in 1934 as an agency for the cooperation of Missouri cities, towns and villages, the city said.

Fall leaf and brush collection:

Two curbside leaf and brush collections will take place this fall, courtesy of the city.

• South zone (South of 63rd Street and east of Blue Ridge Cutoff): Weeks of Oct. 21 and Nov. 18.

• Central zone (Missouri River to 63rd and west of Blue Ridge Cutoff): Weeks of Oct. 28 and Dec. 9.

• North zone (north of the Missouri River): Weeks of Nov. 4 and Dec. 2.

On their regular trash day, residents can place up to 20 bags or bundles of leaf and brush at the curb by 7 a.m. Some rules:

• Use paper sacks only.

• Sacks and bundles should not weigh more than 40 pounds each.

• No grass clippings or trash.

•  Branches must be bundled and be no more than 4 feet long and 2 feet in diameter. Branches cannot be more than 3 inches in diameter.

•  Tie bundles with twine or jute rope, not wire or plastic tape.

•  If you seal sacks, use masking tape only, not plastic or duct tape.

•  If wet weather is forecast, cover sacks and bundles with clear plastic.

Lee’s Summit

A recent design meeting for Lee’s Summit’s new downtown festival plaza turned to speculating on what the community should do if the city is unable to buy the chosen site.

Deputy City Manager Brian Scott told the group last week that the city was still negotiating with owner Dusty Dahmer.

“We have our number, they have their number, and we’re starting to get creative on how we can bring that together,” Scott said.

The city has offered to buy two lots belonging to Dahmer’s company, Tustin LLC.

Prior to a successful bond election in April, the Cultural Arts Facility Task force said Dahmer had expressed willingness to sell and perhaps to do a joint project, with him building on part of the site. As the project proceeded, the city began negotiating for both lots.

In the bond issue the city figured on $250,000 to buy land and have $350,000 for construction of the performance space.

City Manager Steve Arbo said the city has a window of about two months to stay on the architect’s timeline for getting construction bids early next year. Arbo said it is too early to abandon the site because the city has hopes of reaching an agreement.

Arbo said the $600,000 cost estimate was based on including Dahmer as a partner. When planning shifted to buying the entire site, he said, Dahmer wanted more money because the city wanted land and Dahmer is losing a business opportunity.

Brad Cox, who co-chaired the bond campaign committee, said the city should stay with the Dahmer site to maintain credibility with voters.

“I put a lot of capital on the line, and I don’t mean money,” Cox said, implying the reputations of community leaders are at stake.


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