816 and 816 North are coming Wednesday to keep you plugged in to your community

09/24/2013 3:33 PM

09/24/2013 3:33 PM

Wednesday brings the debut of 816 and 816 North, your new local sections of The Star for neighborhoods in Jackson, Cass, Platte and Clay counties. You’ll find the commentary, stories and notes that kept you connected to your community in the Neighborhood News, plus much more that’s new.

In a cover story each Wednesday, we’ll share a deep look at an interesting local issue, institution or person. This week Jonathan Bender examines the housing market with a story that may surprise you. Bender is great at finding the right people and statistics to tell complicated stories in an engaging way, and today he did just that.

Other stories every week will help you keep an eye on our government and plug you into local business and sports communities with expanded coverage. You’ll also find recipes, puzzles and letters from your neighbors. The Star’s staff is excited to bring you this bigger section, and we’re eager to hear how you like it. Let us know what you enjoy or where you think we should redirect our attention.

816 and 816 North are dynamic enterprises, and our readers play an important part. Do you know someone who makes our area a better place to live and work? Is there an interesting issue brewing that hasn’t made it to an official agenda yet?

South of the river, write to 816 editor Elaine Adams at eadams@kcstar.com or call her at 816-234-7432.

Richard Espinoza is the editor of 816 North. Write him at respinoza@kcstar.com or call 816-234-4424.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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