KU beats Louisiana Tech 13-10 on a last-second field goal

09/21/2013 12:53 PM

09/22/2013 12:38 PM

The ball hung in the air, spinning toward the goalposts.

One year ago, on Saturdays like this, Matthew Wyman would have been standing in the KU student section or following the game from his dorm room at McCollum Hall.

Back then, Wyman was a former high school soccer player from Michigan, a freshman who showed up at Kansas with a dream of kicking for the football team. And when he didnt survive a short tryout in the fall, he spent the semester being a regular college student.

So on Saturday afternoon, as Wyman jogged out onto the field with 2 seconds left and KU tied with Louisiana Tech, he tried not to think about the ridiculousness of a walk-on kicker lining up a potential game-winner from 52 yards out.

Its weird, knowing that I was up in the student section last year cheering, Wyman said later.

He took his normal routine, measuring out his steps, and then took a heavy swing with his right foot.

Past its apex, the ball was on track but clearly had little distance to spare. It finally settled through the uprights with a yard or two of room. The clock read 0:00, and Wyman soon found himself at the bottom of a raucous dog pile near midfield.

Kansas 13, Louisiana Tech 10.