Todd Haley says 'Chiefs Suck!!' autograph was a joke

09/12/2013 3:54 PM

09/12/2013 4:36 PM

A guy named Joe walks into a bar over the weekend ... then sends an email to Deadspin about the autograph that former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley gave him on a bar napkin.

“Go Steelers! Chiefs Suck!!” wrote Haley, in his second season as offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After Steelers practice Thursday, Haley told reporters that the autograph "was no disrespect to the Chiefs. I wrote what I did in jest. I've never at any time said anything negative about the team that gave me a chance to be a head coach. It was between myself and the coach and we laughed, that was it. There was no other incident."

Haley, who called what happened Saturday night a "non-issue," said that he and his family have been living in a Pittsburgh hotel until they close on a house they are buying. He said he and his wife went to the hotel bar when a man who identified himself as a big Steelers fan asked for an autograph. Then the man said he was actually a Chiefs fan after Haley had signed the napkin.

"I wrote something about my former team that I probably shouldn't, so there was no incident," said Haley. "I was very surprised when I came to work this morning that it was an issue."

Here’s part of the story that Joe tells Deadspin. Read all of it



“I was at a wedding reception near Upper St. Clair, PA (Fort Couch Rd.) on Saturday 9/7/13. The reception ended around 11pm and naturally a bunch of us wanted to keep drinking.

“Earlier in the evening, completely by chance, I found out that a few other friends of mine were at a wedding reception at the Crowne Plaza hotel ... We arrived sometime after 11pm and immediately headed for the lobby where I located my buddy.

“We had a couple beers and then the reception he was at finally ended around midnight. Everyone then proceeded to the hotel bar that is outside near the pool.

“Once there we headed for the bar and ordered some drinks. After a few minutes my friends and I noticed a man standing in the corner wearing a white hat and black long sleeve shirt. After a few seconds we realized that without a doubt it was Steelers Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley.

“Immediately hysteria ensued between all of us drunken sports fans. After a few minutes of scrambling around to find something for him to autograph I found a white bar napkin and headed towards him. I approached him giving him some story of how my fiancee's dad has been a huge fan since he was Head Coach of his favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

“He said thanks, and then proceeded to sign the napkin with his name and the phrase; "Go Steelers!" "Chiefs Suck!"

“I thanked him numerous times and then asked if I could buy him a drink (he had a Bud Light in front of him) ...

“Finally, a buddy of mine that we had been calling for over an hour made his way down to the bar and instantly saw Haley. Being completely hammered he started yelling things at Haley, such as, ‘Roethlisberger isn't going to like this’ and ‘Hey, Haley, what plays are you calling tomorrow?’

“After about 10-15 minutes of this Haley was officially annoyed. He proceeded to approach my friends and I to give us some speech about how he just moved his entire family to Pittsburgh and how he just wants to coach ... .

“We all instantly erupted seeing as how Haley stuck it to our buddy and we clapped in excitement and astonishment that Todd Haley just gave our buddy the business.”


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