‘Twerk fail’ video is a hoax created by TV show

09/10/2013 11:27 AM

09/10/2013 7:38 PM

Even if you haven’t seen it, there’s a good chance you know about what for the past few weeks commonly has been known as the “twerk fail” video.

In it, a young woman in yoga pants can be seen carrying out the rare inverted twerk — she is upside down in front of a door, really getting into the hip shaking — before a friend walks in the door, sending the young woman falling into a table full of lit candles. She catches fire.

But in Monday night’s segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the comedian revealed that the whole thing was a hoax orchestrated by the show. And disastrous twerker Caitlin Heller from Kansas City wasn’t real either. She was a stunt woman hired to play the part.

“To the conspiracy theorists on the Internet who thought the video was fake, you were right,” he said. “It was fake. We made it up.”

Before he let the cat out of the bag, though, he attempted to carry it on a tad bit longer. Monday night’s segment began with the young woman from the video — made two months ago and posted online shortly after that — in a Skype session with Kimmel. After a bit of small talk, the woman agrees to let Kimmel show “director’s cut” footage from the twerking video. In it, Kimmel storms into the room at the end, toting a fire extinguisher, putting the fire out before giving the camera a thumbs-up.

The show refrained from connecting itself to the clip in any way, but that was hardly enough to keep it from reaching viral status. In less than a week, the video generated 9 million views, and various news outlets devoted space to the “twerk fail.” Everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to Shaquille O’Neal felt compelled to chime in.

On Monday, meanwhile, Kimmel laughed about the attention the video received, joking: “It’s a good thing nothing’s happening in Syria right now.”


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