Video shows KC police officers rescuing deer trapped on wet bridge

09/04/2013 2:50 PM

09/04/2013 2:59 PM

Dashcam video captured two Kansas City police officers rescuing a trapped, scared deer that lost its footing on rain-slicked pavement during a thunderstorm.

Officer Jason Rains spotted the deer as he was driving on Blue River Road about 7:45 a.m Sunday.

The small doe was running in traffic and headed onto the 87th Street Bridge over the Blue River. Rains followed to make sure she wasnt hit by a car.

The deer lost her footing on the bridges wet pavement. Spooked by traffic, the deer tried jumping over bridges concrete barrier several times.

Fortunately for the deer, she was unsuccessful. There was a drop of more than 100 feet to the Blue River below.

Sgt. Steven Sandusky arrived and the two prevented traffic from getting to her.

The doe, however, just wouldnt get up.

She was just lying there, shaking, Rains said in a release. Her leg was caught in one of those drainage holes on the bridge. It was her entire leg, all the way to her body.

With lightning flashing and rain pouring, Rains freed the does leg.

Sandusky sent Rains to get a rope so they could lead the deer off the bridge.

Sandusky, however, was able to walk alongside the deer, guiding her with his baton. The officers led her to a wooded area by the nearby Firefighters Memorial.

She went and lay down back there, Officer Rains said. I came back an hour later and she was gone.

Robert A. Cronkleton,


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