On the way: Twin Forks, featuring Chris Carrabba

08/05/2013 1:00 PM

08/05/2013 1:01 PM

The founder and lead singer of Dashboard Confessional is coming to the Riot Room with Twin Forks, a four-piece Americana/folk band based in Florida. The date: Oct. 3, a Thursday. Tickets

go on sale at noon Friday. Prices: $12.50 to $16.

The band also features former members of the Narrative, Manchester Orchestra and Bad Books. Earlier this year, Carrabba told a writer at a blog called

Midcoast Station

about the founding of Twin Forks:

“I have been interested in making this kind of music for a long time now. A few years ago I picked up my guitar and started writing and it has grown from there. You see, being part of Dashboard Confessional the fans expected a certain sound from us. I felt like I had to write songs in the style of Dashboard and couldn’t detour from that. Now I can and it means so much to me that people are enjoying and feeling the love and happiness that I am creating with Twin Forks.”

To watch the video to “Hard Times,”

go here. | Timothy Finn, The Star


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