Dexter McCluster is everywhere in Chiefs’ formations

08/03/2013 2:35 PM

08/03/2013 11:05 PM

McCluster’s big number

Dexter McCluster is lining up in about every conceivable spot under the rules for an eligible receiver. McCluster has been getting the ball often at training camp, sparking hope among the Chiefs that McCluster can live up to his potential.

“One million, five hundred and thirty-six ways that I can get the football,’’ McCluster said of his role in the Chiefs’ offense. “This offense is wide-open. You get opportunities everywhere. It’s a fun offense.’’

McCluster delivered one of the big plays in practice Saturday when he got open deep down the middle to catch a pass from Alex Smith.

“My job (on that play) is to blow the top off the defense, clear the safety and run as fast as I can to open it up for the next guy,’’ McCluster said. “But my number was called. It fell right into my hands. The quarterback made a nice throw and I ultimately made a nice catch.