Andy Reid: Expect typical preseason routine from Chiefs

08/03/2013 12:48 PM

08/03/2013 5:39 PM

The Chiefs’ first preseason game with Andy Reid as their coach begins Friday, when the Chiefs are in New Orleans to play against the Saints. Reid said not to expect much different from the Chiefs in terms of a preseason routine.

The first priority will be to evaluate their many young players. A secondary concern is to get some positive play from the starters.

“I’m going to try to do both the best we can,” Reid said. “We’re going to get the starters work. We’ll start out gradually, and we’ll increase their time as the games go on.”

Reid indicated that because of the disjointed nature of preseason games, he doesn’t believe that teams can build much momentum until the regular season.

“Teams are very vanilla in the preseason,” Reid said. “They just want to get a clear evaluation of their players and then in the (regular) season, it’s a whole different ball game. During the season, you give the full package so things are quite a bit different.”

Quarterback Alex Smith, tight end Anthony Fasano, defensive end Mike DeVito and cornerback Sean Smith are among the players who will make their first start for the Chiefs in New Orleans. But Reid said he was particularly eager to see how another group of players fare against the Saints.

“You want to see what your rookie class looks like, for sure,” he said.

The rookie class includes first-round offensive tackle Eric Fisher, third-round tight end Travis Kelce, third-round running back Knile Davis and fourth-round linebacker Nico Johnson.


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