July 31, 2013

Woman who refused to hand over a child’s gift is shot in the neck

The holdup occurred about 2 a.m. outside Santora’s Pizza at 3834 Main St. The store’s manager ran outside the shop and fired several shots at the robbers as they fled.

A robber shot a 28-year-old Oklahoma woman early Wednesday in midtown Kansas City after she refused to hand over a bag because it contained a child’s gift.

The woman said she had bought a plastic pirate hook for $10 at Union Station for her boyfriend’s 4-year-old son. And she wasn’t going to give it up.

The incident began about 1:30 a.m. outside Santora’s Pizza at 3834 Main St.

The woman, who allowed The Star to publish her first name, Lacy, said she was in town for a work conference when she and three co-workers went out for pizza.

As they sat at an outside table, two men walked by several times. On their third pass, they directly approached the table and one of them pulled a gun.

“I’m going to need your purses,” the robber said.

Two women immediately handed over their purses. Lacy told them she didn’t have one.

The robbers eyed Lacy’s gift bag sitting on the table. The bag also contained her cellphone with a dead battery.

“You can’t have it,” Lacy told them. “It has no value to you.”

She tucked the bag under her arm as she sat at the table.

“You’re not getting this (expletive) bag,” she told them.

The gunman tried to grab the bag, ripping it, but Lacy held on. He apparently hit her face during the struggle because later she noticed a large bruise and swelling to her face.

The gunman gave up trying to wrest the bag from her. His partner then ordered him to “go ahead and pop her.”

The gunman aimed and fired as Lacy flinched from the loud bang.

The robbers then ran away.

As the men fled with the purses, the pizza shop manager came out and fired shots at the robbers, police said.

Lacy thought she had literally dodged a bullet, but one of her co-workers pointed out that her neck was bleeding. She found a deep gouge and covered it with a napkin.

At a hospital, a doctor sutured the wound to close it.

It was not known whether the shop manager’s gunfire struck either of the robbers, who apparently carjacked a getaway vehicle a block away.

A man who was sitting in his car at 38th and Baltimore streets said a man approached and pressed a gun against his chest. He could hear sirens in the background as he was being ordered out of his vehicle. He walked to the pizza shop to contact officers.

Lacy is thankful the bullet wasn’t one inch closer to her neck or head.

“I’m very cognizant of how lucky I am,” she said, adding that she’s looking forward to giving the present to her boyfriend’s son.

“I took a bullet for it, so he better like it,” she said.

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