Two Kansas sheriff’s deputies arrested on suspicion of stealing public funds

07/31/2013 7:35 AM

07/31/2013 7:35 AM

Two Sedgwick County sheriff’s deputies have been arrested in connection with the possible theft of public funds, the sheriff announced Tuesday.

The deputies – partners who transported inmates between jails and to Kansas prisons – will be booked into Sedgwick County Jail on Tuesday night, Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter said during an afternoon news conference.

The accusations against the men include two counts of making false information. One is also accused of official misconduct, he said. The case has been turned over to Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett’s office, and charges were filed Tuesday, he said.

Easter declined to give details on the case but said officials found inconsistencies in paperwork that triggered a two-week investigation involving the alleged crimes, as well as theft and misuse of public funds. The investigation, he said, began July 11 and culminated in the deputies’ arrests Tuesday after officials found “enough probable cause that these two deputies committed these crimes.”

The amount of money lost and whether the crimes also occurred before the onset of the sheriff’s probe remain under investigation, Easter said Tuesday. The deputies’ names, ages and lengths of employment with the sheriff’s office were not released during the news conference.

“Any time that a law enforcement officer commits a crime, it tarnishes all of the law enforcement community,” Easter said.

“We have two deputies that took it upon themselves, it appears, to take taxpayer money. And I don’t believe in that whatsoever, and I don’t condone it.”


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