July 12, 2013

Algae warning issued for lake in Johnson County

South Park Lake is one of four public bodies of water in Kansas that are under a blue-green algae warning. People and pets should avoid direct contact with the water, but fishing is OK with precautions.

A Johnson County lake is one of four public bodies of water that were under a blue-algae warning Friday from Kansas health officials.

The local area affected is South Park Lake, which is north of 87th Street between Metcalf and Lowell avenues.

A warning means that high levels of toxic blue-green algae have been detected, making the water unsafe for direct contact. That means wading, skiing and swimming are prohibited. Pets also should avoid the water.

The other affected lakes are Logan City Lake in Phillips County, Marion Reservoir in Marion County (not Marion County Lake) and Memorial Park Lake in Barton County.

Health officials say it is safe to eat fish caught during a harmful blue-green algae outbreak, as long as consumers clean and rinse the fish with clean potable water, consume only the fillet portion and discard all other parts. People should wash their hands with clean potable water after handling the fish.

If lake water contacts your skin or the fur of a pet, you should wash the area with clean potable water as soon as possible.

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