World’s oldest McDonald’s worker? He’s 88, has angina, going strong

07/05/2013 11:51 AM

07/05/2013 11:55 AM

London tabloid The Sun

might have found the oldest McDonald’s worker in the world.

His name is Bill Dudley. He’s an 88-year-old great-grandfather, a World War II vet who has a pacemaker, suffers from angina and walks with a replacement knee.

He works two six-hour days a week wiping tables and greeting customers at a McDonald’s in North Wales.

His 69-year-old wife, Margaret, calls him “Old McDonald.”

“I’ll carry on until I drop,” he told the Sun. “Sitting at home can get boring. I’m not a drinker and my wife won’t let me touch the garden as she does all that.

“After four days off at home I look forward to coming to work because I like talking to people and meeting people — that’s why I loved the taxi work.”

Bill spent more than 15 years driving a taxi after jobs at British Steel and an aircraft manufacturer.

His boss at McDonald’s says the younger employees like him and that he’s a good worker.

A McDonald’s spokesman told the tabloid that it doesn’t keep track of employee ages, but said Bill is probably one of the oldest working at McDonald’s in the world.

What the Sun failed to report: Does he eat the food?


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