June 10, 2013

Jackson County taxpayers get more time to appeal assessments

Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders has extended by a month the deadline for all taxpayers to appeal assessment notices sent out in May, not just those who got notices saying their properties were being re-evaluated. Those 18,000-plus corrected notices will go out next week.

The owners of all 296,000 Jackson County real estate parcels will have an extra five weeks to file informal assessment appeals thanks to snafus in this year’s reassessment process.

Previously, the county had said it would extend this Friday’s deadline only for the 18,000 property owners whose values are getting a second look by the assessment department.

Some homeowners screamed when their values went up 20 percent and more.

But in the interest of fairness to all taxpayers, the informal appeals deadline is being extended until July 22, County Executive Mike Sanders said Monday.

Because of that, the deadline for formal appeals before the Board of Equalization, which were due by July 8, is also being pushed back.

That date won’t be announced until next week, Sanders told the Jackson County Legislature. But under state statute the board has only until the fourth Saturday in August to hear appeals.

Taxpayers would then have until Sept. 30, or 30 days after the board makes its decision (whichever is later), to appeal to the State Tax Commission.

Next week is also when revised notices will go out on property owners whose values were suspect. The plan was to send them out this week, but that was pushed back so those values can get more review.

Bob Burnett, a consultant brought into help sort out the mess, said more than 18,000 taxpayers will get new notices. But he couldn’t say how many more until next week.

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