Just how bad are Royals' hitters right now?

07/25/2013 1:44 PM

07/25/2013 1:44 PM

I put some of these on Twitter last night, but just in case you were wondering how craptastic the Royals hitters are right now:

Yasiel Puig has more HRs in his two-game career than the entire Royals team over its last 10 games.

Samuel Deduno was the 20th starter to keep Royals to 1 or 0 runs. Some others: Tyler Lyons, Jordan Lyles, and Liam Hendricks.

Billy Buckner held the Royals to two hits and no earned runs over five innings last month and the next day, was sent to the minor leagues.

In fairness, Buckner did walk three. No starting pitcher has walked that many Royals since.

The Royals last hit two home runs in the same game on May 10. Forty-three players have done it since.

Alcides Escobar is hitting .205 with a .218 on-base and .222 slugging percentage since May 5, which coincides with the Royals remarkable tumble.

He’s in good (?) company. Since May 5, the Royals — as a TEAM — are hitting .240/.290/.334. That is, basically, like a lineup full of Kurt Suzukis.

Eric Hosmer has 10 extra-base hits, which is tied for 223rd in baseball, which means each team has an average of seven or eight players with as many or more extra-base hits than a guy who’s supposed to be a franchise cornerstone.

Heard this one from Tod Palmer: the Royals are last in the American League with 29 home runs. They are 22 home runs behind the next-to-last Twins. Twenty-two home runs ahead of the Twins? That would be the Blue Jays, who are second in the league.

That means if the Royals could somehow requisition all of Chris Davis’ home runs this year, well, they’d still be last in the American League in home runs.

Royals are now 2-5 (.285) when allowing exactly three runs. The rest of baseball, entering last night, was 158-99 (.615).

Royals haven’t managed an earned run against a starting pitcher since Friday.

Royals last scored more than four runs on May 21. Against the Astros.


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